About the Chicago Pathology Society

The Chicago Pathology Society is the second oldest professional society dedicated to pathology in the United States. It is the intention of the web site to facilitate communication among pathologists and those interested in human pathology. This site will highlight pathology events throughout the Chicago area and Illinois and will present various forums for discussion and interchange of ideas related to human pathology. It will also highlight local news of interest to members of the society. The object of the society is the advancement of the understanding of disease, with special reference to Pathology. An Anatomic Pathology Case and cases from the Illinois Registry of Anatomic Pathology will be posted after every meeting of the Registry. The content and format of this site are not static, and will change will input from members of the pathology community. Your ideas are welcome via e-mail.

Our History

The Chicago Pathology Society as formally founded in 1881. At that time the West Chicago Medical Society became the Chicago Pathological Society, with the object of “the cultivation of the science and art of medicine with special reference to pathology and morbid anatomy”. Archives of the Society date back to 1889. Specimens discussed at early meetings reflected the interests and concerns of the times: Tubercular disease of the Knee-Joints, Addison’s Disease of the Suprarenal Bodies, Pneumoniac Gangrene, etc. Several restructurings of the Society and its affiliations with other Medical Societies in the Chicago area occured over the next century. Affiliations with both the Chicago Medical Society and the Institute of Medicine of Chicago were formed, many of which persist today. In 1981 the Society changed its name from the Chicago Pathological Society to the Chicago Pathology Society, the name which is currently used.

In 1908 the Society established a meeting format which has persisted to the present time: dinner at 6:00 p.m. prior to a formal meeting at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of the month. Programs are varied and stress aspects of both Anatomic and Clinical Pathology that are both relevant to daily practice and which are also on the cutting edge of laboratory medicine. Speakers are drawn both from the local area as well as rom across the country. An Annual Slide Seminar is held in May of each year, focusing on a single area of Anatomic Pathology, conducted by a recognized authority.


The Illinois Registry of Pathology (IRAP) was originally conceived by Dr. Israel Davidsohn and Dr. Paul B. Szanto in 1965 as a common meeting ground to share interesting pathology case material. Dr. Szanto served as the first Registrar from 1965 until his death in 1988. Dr. John Gruhn was appointed Registrar in 1989, and served until his death in 1997. Dr. Michael Pins is the current Registrar. Meetings were originally held in the amphitheater of the Cook County Hospital. They were subsequently moved to the auditorium of the Hektoen Institute and were conducted there until 1989, at which time they were moved to the conference room of the Medical Examiner’s Office of Cook County, the venue which persists at this time. Meetings of the Registry occur at 7 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month. Meetings are usually conducted by the staff of major teaching hospitals in the Chicago area. Six to eight cases are presented, and case histories and glass slides are distributed by mail to members of the Registry in advance of the meeting. After a synopsis of each case, and before the diagnosis is revealed, the Registrar usually polls the audience for diagnostic opinions. The case in then discussed in detail by the presenting pathologist, who is often a senior resident. Bibliographies are distributed after the meeting.